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Python - 12"

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Python - 4 Song 12"

In another world, one where Grandma has a full sleeve of wicked ink, comics are capital L literature, the Nuge is a freedom fighter, Valiant means car, and chain smoking merely causes conversation, Python are the only Firm that matters.
Their debut crash lands hard on the pointy head of a scene long disappeared up its own caring 'n sharing arse, as 4 hairy men serve up an insanely authentic punk rock tear on the street rock rumblings of Rose Tattoo, channelling the dark side of life down under. Exuding an enviable air of menace and desperation Python chew the blues into something far beyond any thoughts of redemption.
'White panty fever' proves simultaneously to be both the dumbest Vertex tune will ever hope to release, and a brilliantly thrashing brute of a teen-gism anthem. 'Python' comes highly recomended for those who love to break things, love to love the lead break for all its 32 bars of sodom, and care only to grin manically like a Rockpig cresting through yet another 4 day bender.

150 Pressed.

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