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The Homicides - 'Black Leather Redneck' 12" EP

Image of The Homicides - 'Black Leather Redneck' 12" EP


The Homicides - 'Black Leather Redneck' 12" EP

Snarling, dirty punk rock from long-time Perth punk destroyer Donny Rat (The Rats, The Dose) and his band The Homicides. Classic gutter-level nihilist missives delivered with rock'n'roll style and hardcore power. Lewd, vicious and out of control.

From Suburban Voice review;

The first thing you hear on this 12" EP from the Australian band the Homicides is a squeal of atonal guitar and then comes the nastiness. The first lyrical nugget is (on "666 Pack") is "Everytime I see your fucking face/I beat my meat to the human race." At least I think that's what's being said. If I'm off a bit, blame it on the lack of a lyric sheet but you pretty much don't need one. Stormin' garage/punk/rock 'n roll with a real loutish, obnoxious attitude--what else to say about a song called "I Fuck Girls Too Young For Me." They also give a damned good ass-whuppin' to the Fuck-Ups' "I Think You're Shit." Wrap it up with an unlisted song titled "I Hate You" and what more could you want? Formidable ax-slinging, a vocalist that seems to have an id running amok and these guys don't seem to be too concerned with who they offend. And isn't that what punk rock is about?