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The Magoos - 7"

Image of The Magoos - 7"


The Magoos - 6 Song 7"

Some say this 6 track recording is the Antipodean counterpoint to the epic roar of the Tundra so many of our spiked up Scandanavian basement brothers purvey with D-pressing regularity. Others recall fondly the 20th Century 'burning spirit' attack that rocketed out of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Messrs David West, ringleader of esteemed trio, Burning Sensation reckons the Magoos as "a superior non-white version of a Discharge-Rupture superchild who will bring down the white maggot's regime before you can say 'UP AGAINST THE FUKKING WALL PIG!!!"

What is in a sound? According to our receptionist, Tuesday Amber Jones,* 'Fuck off and Die' sounds like an old Blitz tune being eaten alive by a Grizzly bear.

300 pressed

*Her star sign is Virgo, her status single. ABJ digs Peter Bagge, Greg Irons, Henry Miller, Straight Ahead, The Pop Group, Dead C, and Grime (of which no one at Vertex has the foggiest notion of what that might be?) ABJ lives at home, and of course she is learning the drums!